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A planner for educators who want to prioritize what matters most - at school, at home, & in their spiritual walk

As an educator, you have about a million things to do.  If you happen to be a mom like me and have a busy household, life gets even crazier.  

But, just because we have a lot to do, that does not mean we do not get to experience God’s best in our lives as well.  

When you commit to using the Pray & Plan system, you will not only be renewed by reminders of God's grace, but you'll also experience the power of intentional planning.

As you get clear on your priorities, you will begin to focus your time on doing more of the BEST things. And you'll start to enjoy a beautiful balance between your home & work priorities.

God has amazing plans for you, your students, and your family.  It’s time for you to ENJOY them!

Meet Pray and Plan

Check Out Key Sections:

  • weekly

  • monthly

  • reflecT

  • Lessons

  • logs

  • blank

Weekly Planning

  • Organize your weekly & daily to-do's so you always know what to work on next
  • List prayer requests or journal your prayers to keep intersession & connection with God a priority
  • Plan your work & off hours so you can be fully present both at work & at home
  • Enjoy uplifting scripture that keeps your heart fixed on truth
Weekly page

Pray & Plan is about integrating practical planning with your spiritual walk to help you teach each day in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

With Pray & Plan, You Will...

  • Make connection with God a priority
  • Prioritize prayer as a regular part of your day
  • Get all the mental clutter out of your brain on  a regular basis (Brain dumps are honestly magical!)
  • Pair down your to-do list with the powerful 4T Method
  • Organize your to-do's so you always know what to do next
  • Continually renew your mind with Scriptural encouragement
  • Plan when you'll work each week and protect your time off
  • And much more!

It's time to clarify your priorities and focus on the things that matter most so you can stop feeling stressed and enjoy life both in & out of the classroom.

It's time to bring your treasured faith into your day-to-day life by integrating scripture and prayer into your planning.

It's time to get started with Pray & Plan.

See For Yourself!

Enjoy a peek at Pray & Plan here:
Please note that lesson planning pages are OPTIONAL.

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Fabulous Features!

  • High-quality 80# paper so you can use your favorite pens without worrying about them bleeding through
  • Beautiful and durable laminate cover that will keep you smiling all year long.
  • Convenient pocket in the back to keep loose papers handy
  • Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Made in the USA (Ohio, to be exact)
Layout Features:
  • Dated weekly & monthly spreads so you can plan big-picture and in-detail
  • Monthly reflections to help you learn from the past & plan wisely for the future
  • Colorable scripture art to calm your mind & encourage your heart 
  • Generous blank pages to brainstorm, take notes, or plan
  • Parent communication logs to make documentation a breeze
  • Flexible student checklists to easily track standards, work completion, grades, mastery - or whatever you need!  
  • Encouraging scripture throughout + space for a monthly memory verse
  • Prayer prompts each week and space to journal prayers, requests, and praises
  • Weekly work time planning to set boundaries and guard your off hours 
  •  OPTIONAL: Lesson planning pages so you can keep all your planning in one spot
  • And much more!
Weekly page

Pre-Order Now to Get These Amazing Bonuses!

Pray & Plan is more than just a planner. It's a system to help you prioritize what matters most - and these resources will make that even easier!

Tame Your To-Do List System

Maximize Pray & Plan by pairing it with the Tame Your To-Do List System, which helps you stop trying to do everything and instead focus your time on the BEST things. The result - a you that's less frazzled, less stressed, more balanced, and more effective!
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Grace over Grind
Grace Over Grind

The pressure of our to-do list can be overwhelming, but yet God calls us to rest. In this amazing conversation with Michele Holiday, you'll discover a God-centered approach to work and how to rely on His grace to truly eliminate stress and find balance, despite the busyness.
$20 value

Prayer Cards

Focus your prayers with these beautifully designed prayer cards, which feature a prayer prompt on the front and an encouraging scripture on the back.
$5 value

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Choose with or without lesson planning pages.


Complete Pray & Plan book - 
NO lesson planning pages 


  • Complete 2021-2022 planner
  • Weekly & monthly planning
  • Scripture & prayer
  • Tame Your To-Do List System
  • Bonus resources
  • Around 200 pages
  • Lesson Planning Pages

Pre-orders have closed for our July batch, but due to high demand, we are ordering extras. Order now, and your planner will ship by the week of July 19.
**Limited quantities available**



"What blew me away about the planner was how the Looking Ahead section took something simple like planning and turned it into a special moment by making them very special, almost sacred questions."

- Sarah H., Spanish teacher

how it works

Weekly Spread
  • Organize your weekly & daily to-do's so you always know what to work on next
  • List prayer requests or journal your prayers to keep intersession & connection with God a priority
  • Plan your work & off hours so you can be fully present both at work & at home
  • Enjoy uplifting scripture that keeps your heart fixed on truth
Monthly Calendar
  • Write events on the monthly calendar so you can see everything at-a-glance
  • Choose a memory verse and meditate on its truths throughout the month
  • Add notes or lists so you have all the info you need at your fingertips
Reflection planning
Monthly Reflection / Planning
  • Reflect on the previous month with gratitude and identify priorities and changes for the coming month
  • Brain dump all your to-do's so you can stop carrying around that stress in your head
  • Trim & prioritize your to-do's so you're spending your time on what matters most.
Lesson Planning
Lesson Planning (OPTIONAL)
  • Enjoy flexible spacing, which allows you to choose how much space to use for each class
  • Plan for up to 8 classes, or combine space for extra room
Communication Log
Communication Logs
  • Easily track parent communication so you have the documentation you need at your fingertips
  • Allow scripture to remind you of the value of gracious words
Student Checklist
Student Checklists or Gradebook
  • Use student checklists to track any information you need, such as behavior, standards mastery, work completion, etc. 
  • Alternately, these pages can be used as a gradebook
Blank Pages
Blank Pages
  • Use generous blank pages throughout the planner to brainstorm, take notes, plan events, or whatever you need!
  • Scan the QR code each month for a free resource that will encourage, support, and make your teaching life a little easier
  • Enjoy powerful quotes that equip & uplift you
Beautifully-Designed Scripture
  • Enjoy a lovely scripture page to mediate on each month 
  • Love coloring? Break out those markers and let truth wash over you as you relax and color.

The Reviews Are In!

"I love how much space this planner has to write in! But it's not just blank space- it prompts you to do super helpful tasks, such as brain dumping, making a to-do list, and praying!" - Alexx S.

"I love the big TO-DO list area. It's awesome! As a teacher, I have seriously A TON to do each day. But, what I love more, is right near that big long list is an area for prayer. I need those reminders to bring my day, my heart, my worries, and even my lists to God and share them with him." - Sarah H.

"As a new teacher I quickly learned that being a teacher involves more than just teaching students. Teaching is also about managing the classroom, time, prep, expectations of me and so on. Having a planner with quotes and scripture that encourages me as I try to manage it all is important to me and my favorite part of Pray & Plan." - Taren M.

Why You'll ❤️ Pray & Plan


Hi! I’m Linda Kardamis, former teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart. I know firsthand how overwhelming teaching can be - and how paralyzing it can feel to have so much to do and no time to do it.

That's why we developed Pray & Plan - to help take the stress out of your to-do's by clearly prioritizing and planning. And, more importantly, to integrate your spiritual walk into your day-to-day life as an educator - which I know is as important to you as it is to me!

Linda Kardamis


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